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Мастер-класс от Douglas Kirkland - Lynda.com Douglas Kirkland: Creative Inspiration

Описание: Впервые Linda.com попробовали выйти за рамки софт-обучения и выпустили мастер-класс одного из лучших фотографов в мире. Douglas Kirkland фотографировал Мерлин Монро, Джона Леннона, Николь Кидман на съемках "Мулен Руж", Джека Николсона, ДиКаприо и Уинслет на съемках "Титаника", Одри Хепберн и многих других.
В этом курсе Douglas рассказывает о своей карьере, о своем отношении к фотографии, о правилах, приемах, хитростях. Он до сих пор настолько фанатично относится к фотографии, что почти не может об этом спокойно говорить. Очень "заряжающий" способ изложения.

Далее с офф сайта:
Douglas Kirkland is one of the most accomplished and celebrated photographers of the last fifty years. This installment of the Creative Inspiration series offers insight into Douglas Kirkland's photography, from his early career at Look magazine during the golden age of photojournalism in the 60s and 70s to his transition from analog to digital photography in the 90s. His iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, and Nicole Kidman, among others, are known all over the world. This series of videos includes a peek into Douglas's work, his studio, and some of his on-location photo shoots. Also view a presentation showcasing his body of work, a discussion with a group of high school photography students, an interview with Douglas and Lynda, and more.
О самом Douglas Kirkland:
picpicDouglas Kirkland began his photography career at Look and Life magazines in the 60s and 70s, during the golden age of photojournalism. He has worked on the sets of more than 100 motion pictures, including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Out of Africa, Titanic, Moulin Rouge, and Australia. His iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie, and Antonio Banderas, among others, are known all over the world. His work has been exhibited worldwide, and his "Freeze Frame" exhibition was shown at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills.
Some of Douglas's books include Light Years; Legends; Body Stories; An Evening with Marilyn; and Freeze Frame, a decade-by-decade look behind the scenes at 50 years of photographing the entertainment industry. Douglas also took the photographs for the best-selling book, James Cameron's Titanic. Some of his current book projects are a black-and-white volume entitled When We Were Young, a book on Coco Chanel, and a book of portraits called Face to Face (all Glitterati).
Douglas has received numerous awards, including a Lucie for Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment Photography in 2003, The Golden Eye of Russia in 2006, and also in 2006, a Lifetime Achievement Award from CAPIC in his native Toronto. In 2007, Douglas received an honorary MFA from Brooks Institute, which honored his deep commitment and dedication to his profession.
When he is not traveling the globe on assignment with his wife and business partner, Francoise, Douglas can be found at his home and studio in the Hollywood Hills in California.

Introduction 0:48 8.6 MB
Career with a Camera 7:21 51.3 MB
Portfolio Highlights 12:29 62.9 MB
Stills for Movies 4:44 35.2 MB
In Print 4:53 46.4 MB
On Cameras 4:10 28.5 MB
Large Format Shoot 2:31 34.6 MB
Relating to the Subject 4:42 45.1 MB
Digital Darkroom 4:45 30.8 MB
The End Result 2:12 22 MB
A Life in Photography 9:09 51.9 MB
Interview with Lynda 17:57 143.1 MB

Производитель: Lynda.com
Год выпуска: 2008
Страна: США
Жанр: учебный
Продолжительность: 1.25 hours
Язык: Английский

Скачать: Мастер-класс от Douglas Kirkland - Lynda.com Douglas Kirkland: Creative Inspiration

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