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Mono Made Easy in Photoshop

Mono Made Easy in Photoshop
English | Video: msvideo1, rgb555le, 768x576 | Audio: pcm_s16le, 22050 Hz, s16 | 681 MB

Each month, Digital Photo prepares and gives you exclusive video tutorials showing how to improve your pictures using Photoshop and other image processing programs. In this collection, your attention is invited to 15 different video tutorials that you can learn about the development of creative effects and techniques of photo processing.

Lesson 1 Convert colour pics to mono
Lesson 2 How to dodge & burn
Lesson 3 Add film-grain effects
Lesson 4 Try mono toning effects
Lesson 5 Make a split-toned mono image
Lesson 6 Create gritty mono portraits
Lesson 7 Split RAW conversions - Photoshop
Lesson 8 Split RAW conversions - Elements
Lesson 9 Make a solarised image - Photoshop
Lesson 10 Make a solarised image ? Elements
Lesson 11 Understanding metering
Lesson 12 The Brush tool ? Part One
Lesson 13 The Brush tool ? Part Two
Lesson 14 Make a fun photo montage - Elements
Lesson 15 Make a fun photo montage ? Paint Shop Pro



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