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Перевод основных меню в Adobe Photoshop

Rock girl Style . Картинка в картинке

1. Create new file size 1024 x 768, fill with your favourite pattern.

2. Create new layer fill gradient like this, mode = Overlay

3. Add your picture here...

4. Retouch the color to match with the background.

5. Duplicate your image layer, Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur >>10 px, place this layer below its original layer (this step can be leaved out)

6. Use Rectangular Marquee Tool and Transform Selections to create the below selection.

7. Press Ctrl + J

8. Double click on the layer icon to open Blending

Options , use these settings

9. This is our result!!!!! Incredible

10. Make 2 more selections below, with the same Blending options

(the below layer should be in Color Overlay with color #000000 ,

opacity settings like the below image.

11. Result !

selection like this....

12. Choose layer "background", press Ctrl + J, with mode = Overlay,

place above layer "background".

13. Duplicate layer "background" , set mode = Overlay, use brush with soft Opacity to draw at the picture's edge.

14. This is our last layer pallete

15. Add some texts. We have last reult.

Перевод основных меню в Adobe Photoshop

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мегакруто cool пошла делать себе аватар))

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эт точно )

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Крутооо biggrin biggrin biggrin tongue tongue

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